Lecture: What would Darwin say to today's creationists?

Many creationist arguments would be familiar to Darwin. But others--such as Young Earth Creationism--would have baffled him. Genie Scott of the National Centre for Science Education (US) explores the then and now of creationism, at the University of Chicago's 2009 Darwin Celebration.

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  1. Folks: Thanks for posting Genie's video. FYI, I've been posting videos from the "McLean vs. Arkansas" reunion.

    If you recall...way back when, an Arkansas statue required public schools to give evolution and "creation science" equal time in the classroom. The statute was quickly challenged and the testimony by a group of science superstars--including Stephen Jay Gould, Francisco Ayala, and Harold Morowitz--demolished the creationists' arguments.

    This 2001 meeting reunited these three scientists, and included Ronald Numbers and NCSE's Genie Scott. The videos:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3: