Lecture: New Green Roof Technology Oct 6

Environment UToronto Seminar series:
Oct 6, 4-6  Woodsworth College, 121  
119 St George Street

New Green Roof Technology
ABSTRACT: Reducing the weight of green roofs to increase the adoption of green roof technology on a wider range of buildings and plants specifically for green roofs. This will be addressed by presenting new strategies using existing green roof materials in new combinations which contribute to a decrease in bulk density while maximizing stormwater retention. In particular, he has been investigating the physical properties of a new “media” which he recently engineered. It consists of an inert clay, inert organic and coarse organic and is carbon positive and could theoretically be used as a “credit”.
BRIEF BIO: Jeff Licht specializes in linking the ecophysiology of subalpine and high meadow plants of New England to use in sustainable design/build projects. He received his doctorate from Boston University in 1985 and his horticultural certification from the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. In 2005, Licht established a green roof program at Tufts University, authoring an EPA P3 grant to support a now vibrant program in Somerville, MA and in 2006 taught the first “green roof” course at Harvard University.

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