CCP: Alternative Reading Week Feb 5

There are still projects open in this years Atlernative Reading Week. Registration will stay open until placements are full or January 28th, 2011. If you are member of a student group, make sure you know which projects your group will be organizing before completing the registration form.

With The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) taking the lead, the CCP will be partnering with a wide range of community organizations and private sector partners located in the York region in the Weston-Mt. Denis area to learn, explore and contribute to building the capacity of this neighbourhood to tackle some of the complex challenges it faces. LEF brings 30 years of experience and connections to engage U of T students in a wide variety of service projects from February 22nd-24th that are timely, pressing, and will make a positive difference in this community.

About the Program

The theme this year will be "Growing Community" as we will be playing a key role in collaborating with the areas' residents, community organizations, and businesses to work towards a common goal of building a stronger community. We will also be planting greenery and small community indoor gardens in a large central gathering space or "Town Square" at LEF in their large warehouse. This town square was build in partnership with the CCP ARW program last year and is a place for staff, volunteers, program participants, community partners, and friends of LEF to meet, interact and build community.

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