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COHE is the Internet’s first website offering interactive courses in humanist thought.  COHE is a service of The Humanist Institute, a non-profit U.S. organization with a mission to educate leaders and potential leaders to shape and deliver the message of Humanism.  Our vision is to be an outstanding center for Humanist education, drawing students from all branches of Humanism.
Each course in the Continuum of Humanist Education is authored by qualified experts in their field. Read the faculty bios below to find out more about each course's author:
  • Matt Cherry
    Introduction to Humanism
  • Dr. Steven Goldberg
    Humanist Activism & Organization
  • Dr. Massimo Pigliucci
    Science and Humanism
  • Dr. Reid Johnson
    Psychology and Humanism
  • Dr. Tim Gordinier
    Law and Politics
  • Dr. Jeaneance Fowler
    Religion and Spirituality
  • Lewis Vaughn
  • Howard Radest
    Philosophy and the Humanist Connection

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