SCIENCE and GOD : DEBATE, Dan Barker and Dr. Sankara Sept 18, OISE

 Wed Sept 18, OISE, 9pm

Free for students, $10 at door for public.  See facebook page above for info (seems to be sponsored by the "One Network" - see the pdf, but not much other details).

Debate between,
Evangelist turned Atheist - Dan Barker
Nuclear Physicist turned Spiritual Teacher - Dr. Sankara

Until recently, this question was rhetorical; Since the 17th century's Age of Enlightenment, everyone knew that Science was no friend of God. But more recently as Scientists search for "God Particles", Quantum Physics points to a unified field and fractal geometry suggests, to some, "intelligent design" in our universe, the relationship between science and God is being re-examined.

What do you believe?

Join us for a captivating discussion between two of the world's most insightful thinkers on matters of science and spirituality as they try to answer one of the most important questions facing our world today.

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