Chaplains Hours

The chaplains are always available for a consultation.We can meet at the Multifaith centre, or simply for coffee. We are available during the day, as well as evenings and weekends by appointment.

University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre
(located in the Koffler House) 
569 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON M5S 2J7 

Please contact us for an appointment, or to see if we are available for a drop-in chat.

Chat with us:
We are available for discussion, counseling, information, and fellowship. We are always happy to talk to students, staff, faculty or anyone from the University community, on a one-to-one basis or in groups.  We chat about humanism, ethics, morality, religion and secularism, human rights, social action, philosophy, and student life in general.  We are also happy to help with projects, events, and celebrations.

Weddings and other life events with a Secular focus:

Mary Beaty and Arran Liddel are Humanist Officiants, licensed by the Province of Ontario to conduct legal marriage ceremonies (including same sex unions) and we have married many couples (Faculty, Students, Staff, and others) at the lovely facilities at the MultiFaith Centre, as well as at Hart House, the Faculty Club, and other campus locations as well as local Toronto landmarks and other venues.

We are happy to talk to couples contemplating marriage, and will send you samples of Humanist Ceremonies, which are meaningful secular ceremonies, either traditional or modern in form and style. (Humanist ceremonies are legally equivalent to "civil weddings", but include personal elements, have an ethical focus, and emphasize mutual respect and equality between the couple).

We frequently marry couples from different Cultural Backgrounds, who are looking for a secular ceremony with cultural heritage traditions. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss an intercultural wedding. We can also refer you to other Campus Chaplains in your tradition.

Life Passage Rituals
We are available for other life passage rituals, including funerals, baby-welcoming, graduation, retirements, and celebrations of secular holidays and festive events.

We can also arrange premarital counseling, and other counseling sessions with licensed professionals, for personal situations, please ask for details.

We are both members of the Campus Chaplains Association, at the University of Toronto.