Meet us

Welcome to the Humanist Chaplaincy of the University of Toronto.
Mary and Arran are Secular Humanists, members of the Ontario Humanist Society, and are the current chaplains associated with the Campus Chaplains Association at University of Toronto


Mary Beaty, BEd MLS
Humanist Officiant, OHS, AHA

Mary is a former librarian (University of Toronto, '75), author, a human rights activist, an organic farmer and environmental activist, and a member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, the  Ontario Humanist Society,  the Humanist Association of Toronto, the American Humanist Association, as well the University of Toronto Humanist Circle. She frequently speaks on Humanist topics, also in the media.  She publishes Humanists for Social and Environmental Action, a social action blog. She is a former national representative for the American Humanist Association at the Department of Public Information at the United Nations in New York City, where she developed the first 'ecumenical' NGO Council for Ethics Based Organizations at the United Nations.

Mary is a certified Humanist Officiant with the Ontario Humanist Society , licensed to provide legal weddings in Ontario, as well as humanist memorial, funerals, and baby-naming ceremonies. She is also certified as a Humanist Chaplain by the Humanist Society in Washington DC. She has officiated at over 1000 weddings, funerals, baby-namings, and other rites of passage, both in Ontario and in New York City.

INTERN CHAPLAIN, September, 2015

Arran Liddel, MS

Arran was educated at Whitechapel College, Dublin, and York University.
Diploma, Dispute Resolution and Mediation, 2015, YORK Univ.
MS, Environmental Studies, Love and Community Divison, YORK Univ, Sept 2015.

My work centers on working with community in various ways. Currently I am focused on implementing restorative practices/restorative justice in a high school and offering ceremonies as an Humanist (secular) officiant. I have a great deal of experience working with LGBTQ communities, racialized and immigrant communities, people living with HIV, and people with disabilities in a variety of capacities.


Dr. Gail McCabe PhD RSSW

Gail holds a doctorate in Sociology and the Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies from York University as well as a Social Service Workers Diploma from Sheridan College. She taught in the Faculty of Arts Fundamentals of Learning Program at York University.

Here is the Mission of the CCA:

"We are a multi-faith organization reflecting the multi-ethnic/ multifaith complexion of the University of Toronto. We help make the connections between an intellectual understanding of spirituality and living the reality of faith. (sic) We are there at critical moments to facilitate rites of passage -- weddings, funerals, memorial services.

* We offer counseling from a holistic perspective.
* We are not bound by being part of the academic reporting system of the university.
* We are committed to helping people (students, staff and faculty) grow to wholeness through a search for meaning in life, an exploration of spiritualities and an examination of moral and ethical issues"

Note: not all the members of the CCA come from theistic or 'faith' traditions, as some members represent philosophical platforms or other views of personal growth and spirituality.

As Humanists, we concentrate on questions of Ethical and Moral philosophy, science and ethics, global ethics (human rights, environmental ethics, social responsibility), and the question of how to live an ethical life in modern society.  We support religious tolerance, and the separation of religious observance and state affairs.

We welcome discussion and interaction with anyone, and are happy to meet you for personal services, ceremonies (weddings, funerals, baby-naming, etc.) general counseling, or a discussion of ethics and scientific and moral philosophy.