An atheist's defence of religion - The Globe and Mail

An atheist's defence of religion - The Globe and Mail
(we suggested Toronto humanists might enjoy Alain’s talk at the AGO last month – if anyone went, let us know your impressions)
. This article in the G&M was forwarded by several members…
Religion is wrong for all the right reasons. So says Alain de Botton, a schismatic atheist who has caused a stir among militant non-believers by insisting that they have a lot to learn from the world’s great faiths.
In his controversial new book, Religion for Atheists, the 42-year-old Swiss-born Englishman – whose atheist father founded Global Asset Management – castigates the mocking tone deployed by celebrity atheists to attack the supernatural side of faith. Instead of debating dogma, he thinks it is smarter to steal organized religion’s best ideas: the art and architecture, spirit of community and humbling perspective on humanity that have kept belief systems going strong for centuries….

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