Humanist Society paper on Creed submitted to OHRC is now published

In response to the Ontario Humanist Society presentation by Humanist Chaplain Dr. Gail McCabe to the Ontario Human Rights Commission  Policy Dialogue on Creed, held at the Multifaith Centre in January, 2012, we have received this notification of the publication of our paper:

Dear contributors,
I am pleased to inform you that your papers produced for the January 2012
Policy Dialogue on Creed are now online on our website at the following url:

You may also be interested in visiting the OHRC webpage linked below, which features updates and documents produced as part of the current creed policy update.

Please also see the url link below to papers that were presented at a March
2012 Legal Workshop on Creed, Human Rights and Freedom of Religion at York

We welcome your feedback on the content of any of these paper. Please direct these to  I am also currently working on a Discussion Paper that we hope to put out some time in the new year, at which time yourfeedback will also be very much welcomed.

Thank you once again for your thoughtful contributions.

Best Regards,
Remi Warner Ph.D.
Senior Policy Analyst
Policy, Education, Monitoring & Outreach
Ontario Human Rights Commission
180 Dundas Street West, Suite 900,
Toronto, ON CANADA   M7A 2R9

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