Darwin Day Panel: Clergy Project and Post Theological World, Sat Feb 9, 3:30, MFC

DARWIN DAY PANEL:The Clergy Project & the Post Theological World:  How a community for non-believing religious leaders came to exist and what Darwin has to do with it.
Speakers:   Catherine Dunphy, former Chaplain, now acting Executive Director of the Clergy Project and Teresa MacBain, former Methodist Pastor, now PR Director for American Atheists; will speak about the Clergy Project, an online community for non-believing religious leaders. "Leaving faith for the embrace of reason, freethinking and secularism wasn't an easy process, but thanks to Darwin and his 'Dangerous Idea'* the evidence was just too hard to ignore.

Saturday, Feb 9, 2013, 3;30-5pm
Multifaith Centre @ Koffler House.
569 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON M5S 2J7

We intend this event to be a collaboration between: UTSA, Cafe Scientifique, York FreeSAY, encouraged and supported by the Ontario Humanist Society

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