Humanist Heritage Project - BHA

Humanist Heritage
The British Humanist Association has launched a new site, charting the contributions made to the history of the United Kingdom and Ireland from humanist and secularist perspectives.
You can find out more about people – and the places associated with them – who have influenced humanist and secularist thinking or demonstrated humanist ideals in their lives.
George Eliot Julian Huxley Alan Turing plaque
Whether it’s a philosopher like John Stuart Mill, who gave us our modern understanding of liberalism, or a scientist like Julian Huxley who defended scientific method and spent a life time supporting greater cooperation among nations. You can discover the places that inspired novelist George Eliot, renowned both for her insight into ordinary lives and her deep political concerns, or the home of mathematician Alan Turing, who spent his genius working for Britain during World War II despite a lifetime of persecution.
Many great men and women, motivated by concern for others and a desire to change the world around them, have advanced our understanding of justice, or of the human condition, or of the universe itself.
Humanist Heritage documents and explains this important history.
Categories include people, places, institutions, organizations- including activists, artists, philosopher, politicians, scientists, writers..

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