Reproductive Rights Rally - Ryerson to Bay street June 19

From SDTC -
"...Have you been fuming about how the Federal Conservatives are –supposedly – spearheading maternal health at the G8, but refusing to fund abortions as part of that initiative? Or were you disturbed when Senator Nancy Ruth advised that aid agencies should 'shut the f** up' about abortions till after the G8 for fear that Stephen Harper will harden his stance for political reasons? The time has come to vent your fury. Join The Rally for Reproductive Justice beginning at 1pm at Ryerson’s Pitman Hall (160 Mutual St) this Saturday, June 19th as it marches to the Ministry of Health and Education at 900 Bay Street. The rally will be advocating for full funding of family planning and safe abortions as part of Canada’s G8 Maternal / Child Health Initiative. Plus, it will be supporting the implementation of changes to Ontario’s sex education curriculum. Why? Because women in developing nations should have access to the same options that Canadian women have to control their bodies and safety".

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