OXFAM Hunger Banquet, March 19, HartHouse

The 2011 edition of the Hunger Banquet is Oxfam University of Toronto's 2nd annual talk and dramatic presentation on the food and inequality issues in our world! This unique fundraising event brings together the issues of food security, climate change, and women's rights, as well as presents distinguished speakers on these topics.

- MARK KINGWELL is a philosopher and noted author. He specialises in theories of politics and culture. He is a contributing editor for Harper's Magazine, and the Globe and Mail book section. Kingwell has published fifteen books including "A Civil Tongue: Justice, Dialogue, and the Politics of Pluralism", which was awarded the Spitz Prize for Political Theory.
- HARRIET FRIEDMANN has published and lectured widely on the politics of food and agriculture, most recently focusing on social justice and sustainability of farming systems and regional agrifood planning. She is co-originator of the influential perspective of “international food regimes,” which has inspired interdisciplinary research into historical origins of food systems and potential directions for the future of food.
- PEGGY NASH was an MP from 2006 to 2008 and was elected President of the NDP in August 2009. Nash was a founding member of Equal Voice, an all-party organization which advocates for the election of more women in Canada, and was also the recipient of two environmental awards from the Sierra Club of Canada.
- BEATRIZ GONZALEZ has worked on international development and human rights since 1996 and joined Oxfam in 2003. She can speak about Oxfam and partners' work on women's rights and gender equality in Central America and Cuba. Gonzalez is currently the co-chair of the Americas Policy Group of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation.
Artist Performance:
- AMAI KUDA (singer / songwriter)

Tickets are $15 (with the proceeds going to Oxfam Canada)
- At the UTSU office (12 Hart House Circle)
- by e-mailing oxfam.ut@utoronto.ca

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