Toronto Science Festival, Sept 27-29

The University of Toronto has recently announced the inaugural Toronto Science Festival (TSF), taking place September 27th to 29th, 2013.  The Festival is a three-day, public celebration of science – with keynote speakers, panel discussions, as well as a variety of performances, film screenings, exhibitions and events, all on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto.
In 2013, the Festival explores the theme of "Life in the Universe". How did life on Earth begin? How does it evolve? How does it survive in extreme environments? Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?
Festival highlights:
  • Keynote speakers: Julie Payette (Canadian astronaut), Sean B. Carroll (evolutionary biologist) and Jim Bell (planetary scientist)
  • Lively panel discussions on: The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth, Life in Extreme Environments, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • We’re very excited to have astronomer Jill Tarter participate at TSF. Tarter is a pioneer in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and former director of the Center for SETI Research at the SETI Institute.  But Tarter is probably just as well known as the inspiration for the character Ellie Arroway, played by Jodie Foster, in the movie version of Carl Sagan’s novel, Contact. During TSF, we’ll have a screening of the movie Contact, with Tarter as a special guest.
  • If you miss the film or panel, you’ll still have a chance to see Tarter—and many other scientists—at the CafĂ© Scientifique “Brunch-with-a-scientist” event.
  • A Star Trek (tv show) half-marathon
  • "Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence" contest: If you had the chance, what would you say to intelligent extraterrestrial beings? How would you describe humanity to them? Would you ask them a question? What would you say? We are giving you an opportunity to send your message (by text or by video) into space in an attempt to contact an intelligent civilization beyond Earth.
Full program details and tickets for the various TSF events are available on our website –  You’ll need tickets for all events, including the FREE events such as the panel discussions, Star Trek half-marathon, and sky observing & telescope clinic.

For the most up-to-date TSF news, be sure to follow us on Twitter @tosciencefest.

See you at the Toronto Science Festival!

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