Is Atheism a religion? | | CBC Radio

Is Atheism a religion? | Day 6 with Brent Bambury | CBC Radio
Do Atheists deserve religious protection? The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says yes, declaring Atheism is a creed that deserves the same religious protections as other recognized faiths. Last year a secular church opened in Calgary. There's a push to have atheist chaplains in the Canadian and American military. Next month is 'Super Secular September' in Manitoba. To discuss whether Atheism is becoming an organized religion of its own, Day 6 is joined by René Choinard. He brought the case to the Human Rights Tribunal. Catherine Dunphy is a former Roman Catholic Chaplin and the executive director of The Clergy Project, and Margaret Somerville is the director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law.

(note:  Cathy Dunphy, head of the ClergyProject, is an Ontario Humanist Society officiant, and spoke to the Secular Student Association at University of Toronto on Darwin Day last year).  She was a chaplain - not a fish (chaplin) of course...

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