Wounds into Wisdom | Hart House

Wounds into Wisdom | Hart House
During the 2013/14 academic year, Hart House, the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office, Hillel of Toronto (U of T), Ask Big Questions and the Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice will jointly implement the Wounds into Wisdom series as a tri-campus programming initiative at the University of Toronto.

The practice of forgiveness, including its connection to restorative justice, public apology, redress and reparations, plays a significant role in efforts to reconcile historic wrongs, resolve conflicts and attain justice, whether committed at the individual or institutional level. What questions and challenges arise when we engage with this practice in our search for reconciliation and justice?

Drawing on The Forgiveness Project Exhibit, The F Word, the aim is to engage the campus community in critical conversations, guided reflection, self-evaluation and capacity building that will explore and experience ‘forgiveness’ as a lens through which we can begin to reconcile wrongs, resolve conflicts, repair harm, facilitate transformation and attain justice. Within the scope of this program, “forgiveness” is interpreted to include the related concepts of restorative justice, apology, redress and reparations. We believe that this expanded interpretation will enrich the dialogue and extend the appeal of the program as it takes into account multiple perspectives of the individual and community, secular and faith-based, historical and contemporary and the interpersonal and political.

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