What if - Lunch Discussions at Hart House

What if
Throughout February and March, Hart House presents “What if…?”, a provocative series of prompts intended to generate conversation, ignite discussion and question our deepest values and sense of self, culture and the environment.
”What If… ?” is modeled in part after Northwestern University's student initiative Ask Big Questions, a website launched to explore campus culture at its core through “big questions.”
Every two weeks throughout February and March, Hart House invites students and the campus community to gather in the Map Room Studio and join live conversations on CIUT. This is your chance to explore “What if…?” in the context of conscious conversation, thoughtful and challenging discussion and mind-opening dialogue.
Free pizza lunch will follow.
FEB 1. 12-1PM: "Nature is our best hope? featuring Dennis Patrick O Hara
FEB 15. 12-1PM:
"All strangers could be our friends?" featuring Lucy Fromwitz
FEB 28. 12-1PM: "there was no fear" featuring Professor Mark Kingwell.
MAR 15. 12-1PM: "Technology didn't shape our lives? Guest to be confirmed.

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